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Shinypop Pre School English Medium and Gujarati Medium.
Trinity English Medium School Standard 1st to 10th Trinity Gujarati Medium School Standard 1st to 8th Trinity Junior.
Science College Standard 11th & 12th English Medium.

School Timing

Shinypop Pre School: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Monday to Friday: 7:30 am - 12:00 pm
Saturday: 7:30 am- 11.30 am


Pre School -Popcorn talking books.
1st to 10th English Medium- books addressed by Gujarat Government.
Junior Science College- books addressed by Gujarat Government.
1st to 10th Gujarati Medium- books addressed by Gujarat Government.

Medium of Instruction

1st to 12th Science English Medium – English and Hindi.
1st to 8th Gujarati Medium – Gujarati and Hindi.
Trinity creates an atmosphere of English and Hindi for child’s concrete future.

About Us

Dearth of educational premise panicked the residential of Talod in the initial years of 2000. Ceaselessly migrations were taking place towards nearer cities and mega-cities. Circumstances were contrary a town instead of budding was towards doomed dusk. Many witnessed and pondered about day by day vandalizing outskirts of Talod.

It was then when a trio of scholar, creative and concerned people for education – Widely experienced Principal Ratibhai Patel Sir, Dr. Vasant Patel (M.Sc., Ph.D.) and Dr. Kirit Patel (M.A., B.Ed., Ph.D.) together took an initiative as well as beneficial decision to establish an institution that imparts apt and constructive education for civilians of this town and villages at outskirt of the town.

The dawn of a transparent education in the name of TRINITY rose in the town in the year 2002 to enrich 450 children on the very first day of the school’s establishment with dominance power, confidence to lead, skills to sustain in the hi-tech world.

Since 2002 with the unflinching support of its well-wishers and parent’s Trinity is developing swiftly with its core motto to impart the theoretical and practical knowledge that tends each child to touch the untouched skies of success. Trinity began with a small family of 450 budding kids, 18 educators and 8 non-teaching staff compiles today Trinity School- English Medium and Gujarati Medium, Trinity Secondary school- English Medium and Gujarati Medium, Trinity Junior Science College- English Medium, Trinity Higher Secondary School- Grantable in its Trinity Educational Campus, Talod – Modasa State Highway, Sabarkantha, Gujarat.

To update and empower today’s humdinger youth to enhance their ability along with strengthening their instincts and ethics.

    જુન-૨૦૦૨ થી કાર્યરત ટ્રિનિટી સ્કુલ ૧૮ માં વર્ષમાં પ્રવેશી રહી છે. નવા નવા આવિષ્કારો અને ટેકનોલોજી થી બાળકોનો સર્વાંગી વિકાસ થાય બાળકોને નૈતિક મૂલ્યો, સંસ્કાર, ભારતીય સંસ્કૃતિના પરિચય માટે અભ્યાસેતર પ્રવૃત્તિઓની સાથે સાથે બાળકોનું શારીરિક અને માનસિક વિકાસ થાય તે માટે સક્રિય રીતે જોડવામાં આવે છે. ચીલાચાલુ શિક્ષણ પદ્ધતિઓથી બહાર આવી બાળકોમાં સંસ્કાર સિંચન, ચારિત્ર્ય નિર્માણ, વ્યક્તિત્વ વિકાસ, નેતૃત્વના ગુણો, હકારાત્મક અભિગમ પ્રમાણિકતા, સમયપાલન, વિવેક, વિનય અને આદર જેવા ગુણો નાનપણથી જ પ્રગતિ માટે સંસ્થા સતત પ્રવૃત્ત છે.

To ignite children’s curiosity, pondering and enthusiasm to make renaissance in whichever field they sway towards.

Our Gallery

For Admission in Trinity it is necessary to fill the school’s entry form and submit it in the school office. Parents should have to come with the child at the time of admission. Child who has completed 3 years on 1st June can get admission in the Jr.Kg from the first term and who has completed 5 years can get admission in Std:- 1st . Children above 2 or more than 2 years can be admitted in the Play-group (Nursery)

Parents will have to send and also take their child from the school in time or they can send their child in their private vehicles, RTO recognized rickshaw, bus, van or jeep. This is to be decided by the parents only. Responsibility of transportation will be of the concerned parents only.

1. To cooperate child to follow all the norms without any failure.
2. At least once in a day to take review of the entire day from the child.
3. If any inquire or clarification arises immediately contact is invited.
4. Kindly bring child’s personal issue/ problem in teacher’s mind.
5. To give your vital presence in meetings arranged by the institution.
6. Parent can mail, text or contact any time to the Principal.
7. Fees to be paid on regular time basis.
8. To use Trinity Mobile App for day to day updating.

Trinity fully believes in child’s comparison but not with others with own previous performance. For child’s assessment Dictation, Weekly-tests, Monthly-tests, Prelims and Open Book Exams with play-way methods do a lot to make them stress-free and healthy child.

Students are encouraged to participate in public speaking and examination. International Mathematics Olympiad, National Science Olympiad, Gujarat Science Olympiad, Quiz and Sanskrit Examinations are organized by the school.
We encourage the students for the entrance exam of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya for the students of Std. 5th at the first term of academic year. In the second term of the educational year examinations like Hindi Balpothi, Doosari, Tisari and Vinit which are taken by Rastra Bhasha Prachar Samiti, Gujarat for the students of std. 4th and above.

➡ Fully facilitated school building.
➡ Handling of school under the guidance of experienced and educated persons.
➡ Mineral water.
➡ Entire infra under cctv camera surveillance.
➡ Vast play area, lush lawn, rides and toys.
➡ Special training given by special tutors for Karate, Yoga, Shlok-recitation, Skating, Rifle-shooting.
➡ Continuous parents contact, Medical check-up of students and arrangement of picnic/tour.
➡ Celebration of each and every National function and Religious festivals.
➡ Arrangement of Audio-Visual theater (Lab), for students of play group and Jr. K.G., Sr. K.G. & can learn poems and stories by visualizing.
➡ Big play ground and garden facilitated with swings, slider, see-saw etc.
➡ Special arrangement of toys and games for the students of play group. So they can feel comfortable in their class.
➡ Special arrangement of SMS through internet so that there can be direct contact with parents and give information about any function, activity, exam schedule and result to parents.
➡ Industrial visits.
➡ For children’s recognition and talent exposure association with various periodicals, magazines, journals and newspaper.

Contact us


TALOD, GJ SH 143, Madhavgadh,
Gujarat - 383215


Phone: 7984106917